February 8, 2016

Style: Tequila For Valentine's Day

It's Monday and all I can say is, "tequila!"


First of all, how awesome is this sweatshirt?!  When I saw it, I didn't even hesitate adding it to my shopping cart.  I'm not a writer, so I can definitely relate to the alcohol!  Maybe not tequila though... I had a really bad experience in collage and never drank it again!  HA!  I feel like everyone has a crazy tequila story?

After a few Pinspirations, I decided to throw on some heels with this sweatshirt to make it look put together and dare I say, chic?  Hahaha, we all know that I'm far from being 'chic' but I definitely tried!  I often times see my favorite stylecon's (style icon), wearing casual jeans, killer heels and a regular t-shirt.. They always look so effortless and chic... This was my best attempt!

IMG_7127 IMG_7094 IMG_7143

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February 6, 2016

Take Me Away..

To Paradise...

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February 5, 2016

Special Delivery: Roseshire Roses

How gorgeous and amazing are these roses and the packaging?!
I swooned for about 10 minutes when these beauties arrived at my door.


Hurry and get in your Valentines Day order from Roseshire.
This amazing bouquet will make anyone in your life feel giddy and special!


Roseshire Roses were provided for my honest experience and opinion. 

February 3, 2016

Mommy and Me Style: Ruffled Grey Days

Half way there!

I am definitely looking forward to this week being over!


I am LOVING this grey ruffle sweater!  Word of caution, it is a little cropped which is a no no for myself, so of course I layered it with a lace peplum tank underneath. The weather here has been a little gloomy and chilly which is perfect for cozy sweaters!  BTW, how great is this structured bag? I'm normally not a chain kinda girl but I definitely like the small detail!

IMG_6907 IMG_6736 IMG_6855 IMG_6878 IMG_6744

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February 1, 2016

Style: Traditional V-day vs. Non-Traditional V-day Outfit

Traditional vs. Non Traditional


Valentines Day is just around the corner and Rylie and I are excited to celebrate with our man.  When Eric and I were dating we did the big V-day fancy fine dining and after a while it got overrated with all of the reservation demands, long waits and crowds.  Since getting married, we started a new v-day tradition where we go to Costco to pick up 2 huge dungeness crabs, cook them and enjoy our meal together in the comfort of our own home.  I like this so much better!  Now that Rylie can eat pretty much everything, she will be included in our family tradition starting this year!


I have a hard time shopping for v-day outfits b/c even though I love pink and red,  i'm not really into wearing specific colors for specific holidays so when I saw this dress, I thought it was perfect since it doesn't scream "HELLO, I'M CELEBRATING VALENTINES DAY!"
This a-line dress is a little shapeless for me so I added a belt to show off my waist.. I also gathered the sleeves for a more put together look.  Oh and btw, I really love that Rylie's lilac dress is the same color as the flowers on my dress!

IMG_6479 IMG_6496 IMG_6626

dress // belt // boots // watch // sunnies
Rylie's dress // boots